Hobbies gig reviewed on reyt good music

Deja Vu-1976-1987-on sale

The Sex Detective-on sale

Kevin Hobbi – Vocals – Guitar
Paul Anthony - Bass - Vocals


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The Electric Sect formed in March 1977, before renaming as H.O.T, and finally, 'Hobbies Of Today' and were to feature prominently in the Sheffield music scene of the late 70's and 80's

From the bands first recordings in 1977 during the first throws of the Punk and New Wave movement, H O T were at the forefront of the new sound revolution and pioneered the new electronic sound of the early 80's with tracks like 'Metal Boys' and onto the more rock orientated sound of 'The Sex Detective' in the early 90's

Founder member Kevin Hobbi re-formed the band in 2014 with former 'Risk' and 'Amsterdam' bassist Paul Anthony. With a return to their original rock orientated roots, the band are back with their original name, the Electric Sect are back with a new sound and look

Label: Boogie Woogie Hip n Groovie
Management: Seeking

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